Hello Friend.

I am about to finish my first year in graduate school at the very intense Brandcenter at VCU. This past semester has been especially intense for the track I am studying, Creative Brand Management.  As if accounting and having two presentations due a week weren’t enough, the huge “hunt for an internship” has been constantly looming over our heads.

I’d done my homework, made lists, sent out a ton of applications, and I have had a few interviews. But as the days went on and on, I realized that going back to New York and getting an internship at a fashion agency might NOT be that adventurous – seeing as I have already lived there for 3 years and worked in fashion.

Another interest? Travel, tourism, and hospitality. I COULD do that in the United States……But, how better to learn about travel, tourism, and hospitality than being an actual tourist, traveling, and immersing yourself in hospitality in another culture.

And then,  someone introduced me to Workaway.  So while I still sent out resumes every week, I was also sending the same amount of e-mails to jobs overseas. With one stipulation – I needed to be working on marketing, web design, and advertising.

A lot of people needed help on their farms. Not that many people need a new website in exchange for room and board. But where there is a will, there is a way.  AND I HAVE FOUND IT.

In June, I will be working at a small Bed & Breakfast on Inis Mor – the “largest” of a small triad of islands off the west coast of Ireland.  The mornings might be full of cleaning, helping tourists, and serving breakfast, but the rest of the day will be full of a website design, social media facelifts, and developing a step-by-step marketing guide. Sadly, they already had someone for the month of July – but not to fear.

I went back to find a new home and landed on a farm just north of Inverness, in Scotland.  They are currently re-branding their salad dressings (and farm in general) and could use some logos, web design, and all the fun things surrounding the creation of a brand makeover.  Once again, in exchange for help in that area, as well as traveling to trade shows, working with small village retailers, and reaching out to local chefs and restaurants – I will have a place to rest my head and a meal or two a day.

So, why am I asking for funding? Well, yes, I have the place to sleep. And most days I will have two meals a day.  But, I’m STILL a student. And while a round trip flight to Europe might be only HALF of a month’s rent in New York, I don’t have it.

While selling my bicycle, my desktop computer and trying to sublet my current apartment will certainly help, life is life.

With your help, that $2,000 could get me to Ireland and Scotland and back. It will also help with bus fares to and from airports, the train to and from NYC, food on the days that I have off, and overall just one extra reason to smile. Any little bit counts. $1? That’s okay! Any donation is worth a virtual high-five. Want to see my journey along the way? Well, that’s why I have a blog.

Of course Ireland and Scotland are amazing and loaded with beauty and stunning sightseeing, but I am not going on a gallavanting Holiday.  This is exactly what I want to experience and work towards this Summer – just like any internship.  It just happens to be a very long plane ride away.

You can click below and be directed to my Go Fund Me page.

And thank you friends!



The House.

I rearrange all of the time, but lately I’ve been feeling my house really coming together. It takes a while to make a house feel like home – but I refuse to just go out and buy something because I “need a chair”. I want character and interest – not something spit out by a giant store. Anyway… it’s getting there!

Lately though, I have been really into Scandinavian design and incorporating a more “minimal” feel. So… I’ll probably get rid of half of this in a year.

house_01 house_02 house_05 house_04 house_03 house_06

Top City.

Charleston was voted the “Top City in the US” for a 3rd year in a row in 2013 by Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards. The Charleston Visitor’s Bureau had Jewell + Ginnie create a video to honor the occasion. Elise Testone was a trooper because it WAS SO HOT. It’s hard to imagine it being so hot when it’s currently 22 degrees as I write this… but believe me. It was one of those, “it feels like someone’s sitting on me”, hot Charleston days. A great shoot though, per usual!

cvb_03 cvb_02 cvb_01 cvb_04Let’s see that final product:


I am in love with finding old and antique books. Anything before 1965 will grab my attention, but particularly books that date before the 1930s. The covers can be so simple and yet so beautiful. But my favorite part about finding these little treasures, is finding out what scribbles and writings were made on the inside. Sometimes I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.

books_08 books_02 books_07 books_03 books_04 books_01 books_05 books_06

Fashion Insider.

A week or so ago, I was IN a shoot for Charleston magazine’s March issue. I was asked to be one of five stylists showcased in a feature they were doing on local Charleston “Fashion Insiders”. Charleston Fashion Week is during March, so it makes sense the issue would come out then. No idea what to expect! It was a little weird being in front of the camera, getting my make up worked on, and not being in jeans and a flannel shirt running around like a crazy person. Can’t wait to see the images! Hopefully I don’t look to0 awkward.

chasmag_02 chasmag_03


Rabbie Burns Day.

On January 25th, a group of friends gathered at Gleason’s house to celebrate the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns. It was the 2nd “Rabbie Burns” Supper we enjoyed together as a group. We started with the opening poem, enjoyed some traditional Scottish fair (including haggis with tatties on top), and some whiskey. Towards the end of dinner we went around the circle and all read our poems based on the topic we had been given earlier that week. The next day we recovered slowly, but sprang back into action over a very long brunch and Cards Against Humanity.

burns_02 burns_06 burns_01 burns_07 burns_05 burns_08 burns_04 burns_03

New Years Eve 2014.

This past NYE was spent at Harry’s Fish Camp, about an hour away from Charleston. There were trashcan fires, pizza, fireworks, a BOUNCY CASTLE, a few dogs, and warm bourbon cider.

nye14_12 nye14_11 nye14_08 nye14_07

Ziro had a moment with me.

nye14_01 nye14_06

Justin had a moment with Madonna.


Our heat source seemed like a dangerous moment.


There was the moment the next morning when you realized sparklers just aren’t the same in the daylight.


And the moment we thought this was a good idea.


To catch other moments, you can check out a video Ryan Cockrell from Lunch + Recess made….

Pianojazz – “Deccan Traps” from Lunch and Recess on Vimeo.

or if you have Instagram – there are many more pictures under the hashtag: theharriestnye



Well, I have been a little off the radar since before Christmas. There is usually always a good reason for this. It’s because I am applying to Graduate School.The process started back in November, but it was really the month of January that had me hunkered down. I mailed in my application last week – so fingers crossed.

ap_02 ap_04 ap_01 ap_03